ALAI Canada Members can

attend the activities of ALAI Canada and ALAI International congresses and study sessions at a preferential fee; receive the publications and reports of ALAI Canada, including the congresses and study sessions' proceedings; participate in committees aiming to establish ALAI Canada's position regarding questions on copyright; participate in the annual general meeting and in the election of the officers; represent ALAI in events and meetings as well as in counsultation organizations.

How To Join

Any person interested in copyright who endorses the goals of ALAI Canada may submit an application by completing an admission form or a copy thereof. In addition, the application fee and applicable annual membership fees are required. In addition to the Members of Honor, ALAI Canada counts three other categories of members, namely full standing members, corporate members and students. Members of ALAI Canada originate from different circles: creators, performers, broadcasters, producers, jurists, teachers, members of the public administration, etc.

  • Full standing member:
    • $125.00 per year (plus taxes).
  • Corporate member:
    • (with the right of substitution at activities)
  • First delegate:
    • $160.00 per year (plus taxes)
  • Additional delegates:
    • $120.00 per year (plus taxes) for the second delegate.
    • $100.00 per year(plus taxes) for each delegate thereafter.
    • to a maximun of eight delegates.
  • Student:
    • (Enrolled full-time in a recognized educational institution or professional school):
    • $60.00 per year, including application fee and taxes.
  • Membership Formalities
    • New member: application fee $25.00 (plus taxes)