Events Date
TOR : National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) involvement in the recent US Copyright Royalty Bo 2017-06-01
TOR : Technological Protection Measures - they are no Game : Nintendo of America Inc. v. King et al, 2017-05-30
TOR : Home Field Advantage - How Canadian Courts Take and Impose Jurisdiction for Online Conduct 2017-04-06
MTL : Top 10 des décisions marquantes en droit d'auteur pour 2016 2017-03-23
MTL : Sociofinancement en equite : arme de financement massif ou petard mouille 2017-02-14
TOR : Copyright in the EU Digital Market 2017-01-25
MTL : Le droit d'auteur dans le marché numérique 2017-01-24
TOR : Seeing issues from the Client Perspective : an IT Lawyer's Experience as an Opera Impresario 2016-11-18
Archived Events


Events Date
OTT. : The Copyright Board of Canada, Which Way Ahead? 2016-05-25
MTL : Le droit d'auteur et les technos 2016-01-26
MTL : C-11 : For Better and for Worse 2012-09-28
MTL : Protecting Fashionable Intangibles 2011-09-09
OTTAWA : The Copyright Board of Canada : Bridging Law and Economics for 20 years 2009-12-02
MTL : Copyright on Stage 2008-09-23
MTL : A Copyright Cocktail 2007-05-14

Congresses and study days of ALAI Internationale

2014BrusselsMoral Rights in the 21st Century - The changing role of the moral rights in an era of information overload
2013Cartagena de IndiasDissemination and Management of Works of Authorship on the Internet
2012KyotoCopyright and Related Rights in the "Cloud" Environment
2011DublinExpansion and Contraction of Copyright : Subject, Matter, Scope, Remedies
2010ViennaThe Term of Copyright Protection
2009LondonFrom 1710 to Cyberspace
2008DubrovnikCultural Diversity: Its Effects on Authors and Performers in the Context of Globalisation
2007Punta del Este, UruguayThe Author's Place in XXI Century Copyright : The Challenges of Modernization
2006BarcelonaCopyright and Freedom of Expression
2005ParisExploring the Sources of Copyright
2004Oaxaca, MexicoInfringement of Works of Authorship : From Traditional Piracy to the Liability of Internet Enterprises
2003BudapestCreators' Rights in the Information Society
2002NeuchâtelCopyright and Conflicts of Laws
2001New YorkAdjuncts and Alternatives to Copyright
2000StockholmCopyright, Related Rights and Media Convergence in the Digital Contextv
1999BerlinEnforcement of Copyright
1998CambridgeThe Boundaries of Copyright
1997Montebello, CanadaProtection of Authors and Performers through Contractsv
1996AmsterdamCopyright in Cyberspace
1995ParisAudiovisual Works and Literary and Artistic Property
1994GenevaEconomics and Authors' Rights in the International Conventions
1993AntwerpThe Moral Right of the Author
1992Sitges, SpainThe Protection of Ideas
1991Aegean Sea IICopyright and Industrial Property
1990HelsinkiRevision of the Nordic Copyright Acts 1970-1990
1989QuébecComputer and Copyright
1988MunichThe Economic Importance of Copyright
1987SorrentoProblèmes actuels de droit d
1986BerneLa protection internationale du droit d'auteur et son avenir
1984ParisLa protection des dessins et modèles
1983Aegean Sea ILe droit d'auteur des journalistes; Les dessins et modèles entre le droit d'auteur et la propriété industrielle; Les satellites de diffusion directe et le droit d'auteur
1982AmsterdamLa télévision par câble, aspects du droit des médias et du droit d'auteur
1980Hanasaari, FinlandDiffusion d'exemplaires protégés par le droit d'auteur
1978ParisLa place de l'auteur dans la société et les rapports juridiques entre les auteurs et les entreprises de divulgation
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